Mojo Jam session @Mojo - 2nd Edition

  • today 23 Mar
  • access_time 20:00

Are you a singer, an artist, a musician? In that case tune your chords, roll your drum, bring your talent and let us have an incredible night together. Mojo hosts one of the biggest jamming stages in Bucharest, making way for the best musicians to perform their art in front of the crowds. Register for the jam with a link of you playing at pr@mojomusic.ro or by stating your name and instrument in the event's discussion, await our confirmation and a free invitation. After the jam, DJ Resident M will host us with electronic sounds and good vibes untill morning. We give the stage, you bring the talent We give the lights, you bring the show We give the sound system, you give the music We give the drinks, you bring the atmosphere. Entry fee 10 ron Show starts at 20:00